My High School: Kanagawa Prefectural Yamato Nishi Senior High School - 神奈川県立大和西高等学校


Click HERE to get to their website (you can use the google translate settings to get around).


It's a very international school, which offers Korean, English and German as foreign languages and encourages the students to lots of activities with international background: seminars, presentations, exchange students (I've seen so many pictures, I'm not the first one!), school trips to e.g. Germany (many people of my class went to a trip to Munich together), South Korea and Taiwan, trips/events with the American partner school Zama High and so on and so forth. I guess I am very lucky to be in such an international environment. They also have many teachers who do speak English or even German and have assistant teachers for those classes who come from Poland, the U.S. or even Germany! I think trying to reach out to the world is a neat motto and I will try to play my part and contribute to their aim.

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