Seventh Week #20 - Going out. A lot.

January 19th, 2019

It's been a while, I'll try to make it short, blabla...

This entry will cover my experiences: 24th - 31 December 2018 (8 instead of 7 days btw):

But I will make it different this time. Not much talking, just pictures and captions.


24th and 25th December: (Christmas is celebrated on 25th in Japan, but since it usually doesn't have a religious background, customarily people go out with their boy-/girlfriend or just eat chicken (KFC) and Christmas cake. I had chicken. Also received a package from Germany.)

26th and 27th: (I went to eat some pasta with 2 classmates and we browsed some shops; I met a friend, who's an exchange student as well, we ate lunch, went to karaoke and tried to find a place where they sell cheap Christmas cakes since I wanted to eat some, although Christmas was already over. Couldn't find one, but in the end we found a shop, which sells ice cream where you could choose toppings etc. and have sponge cake pieces put into it. They also sing for customers. Delicious.

28th and 29th: (I browsed Yokohama with a friend that wants to practice their English, so we took turns speaking Japanese English, tried Omuraisu (Omelette with rice inside) for the first time: tasty; I went to Minato (harbor) Mirai (future) in Yokohama (?) with Italian girl and 3 Japanese girls. The most beautiful place I've seen so far in Japan. It was so wide, so open and you are not constantly surrounded by one million 500ft tall buildings. Although it was a little cold the weather was bright and still is in my memory)

30th and 31st: (My hostfamily made (O-)mochi which you make from rice that you press and mash so that it becomes a very sticky and dangerous "dough" (?) - srsly people die from it when they are unable to chew it and it it becomes stuck in their throat. They invited about 10 guests and their children and some of them then helped us. We ate some snacks and had a good time. Because we made much, we could it eat for the next 3 days as well (the guests only stayed on that day, though). For the 31st we watched some New Year TV specials and then... (read next months entry because it was the 1st of January)

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