Preparations (it's only 26 days now!)

August 3, 2018

I do not only have to prepare for the exchange right now, but also for what I'm gonna do after it. Since I finished school with a quite decent grade and have participated in 2 internships on IT, the path I'm about to head down after my visit to Japan seems clear: I hope to combine an apprenticeship with computer science studies. My second internship at the company I'd like to work at has just finished and I feel relieved and anxious simultaneously. I still don't know if they'll take me in as an apprentice, but I received so much nice and positive feedback on my behaviour during the internship. 


Today I called the Japanese Consulate General to ask whether my  Visa application form had arrived already and a friendly woman told me that they issued my Visa and I can go pick it up. So next week I'll go to Munich and get that Visa of mine :D. Future Japan-exchange-students: Be sure to apply as soon as you can because the Visa is the most important piece of paper you'll be treating as a treasure during your visit to Japan! I got all the necessary information on how to apply by Ayusa. Very supportive. I guess I'd've felt quite confused without their detailed information. 


A few days ago I ordered 4 adapters for the Japanese (they're the same in the US btw) sockets and a pack of cards for traditional Bavarian card games I intend to teach my hostfamily :P. 


I've written a to-do-list for my preparations, but I don't feel like I'm making any progress. Perhaps I should just do the things step by step but for right now I'm not really in the mood for writing a motivation essay, that shall prevent me from getting homesick and whiny. There are also some things about medications that need to be done (the things, not the medication ;P). But after this whole week of showing my best side for a potential future employer was kind of exhausting. I'll do my best. And I have to admit that I lacked the time to study Japanese (I even had to cancel my weekly course lesson ;O). Stay tight y'all! 

August 15th, 2018

I've picked up my Visa and feel kind of like ready to go although I'm not: I still have Japanese lessons on 2 more Thursdays, I have to buy a souvenir for my little host brother (already got something for the parents, but children want something more exciting I guess). Instead of learning new grammar, vocab and Kanji I'm reviewing what I've studied the last 2 years. There are some shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime like "Fukuyadou Honpo - Kyoto Love Story" (Prime) and "Good Morning Call" (Netflix) that I started or finished watching trying to convince my self that doing so will improve my Japanese. 

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