Welcome to My Adventure!

Hello! I'm German, 19-year-old Britney and I spent 10 months as an exchange student in Japan (August 2018 - June 2019). I received a partial scholarship from my exchange organization Ayusa-Intrax (Germany) and am agitated to tell you about my experiences:

  • Wanna know what I wish I'd known before the exchange? Read my tips for future exchange students

  • Check out the photogalleries with additional pictures (for the people who don't want to read much ;P)
  • Read about my adventures (blog entries that are becoming my diary)
  • Learn more about me and what I've got to do with Japan and the language



Since the storage for pictures and other contents on this website is coming to its limit, I will only post one picture per week from now on (April 25th, 2019), sorry :(

(Friends and family will see more, when I come back to Germany <3)

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